Why Primed Life

Like many in today’s world, we have historically had easy access to the food and supplies we need to live happy and healthy lives. We have been fortunate that when we want something, we just go and get it. Recent events have begun to challenge that sense of comfort and confidence that this will always be the same. We have come to the realization that food and fuel shortages, even access to stores have become real concerns. And if we could not get necessities, what about those that were less fortunate.

We began searching online for resources and information on how to prepare for the next major event. We found much content directed at the LDS (Mormon) community who are required to keep up to a years’ worth of food on-hand at all time. It’s hard to envision feeding my family on 50 lbs. of wheat and sugar. The rest was strictly “Prepper” sites that talked about the end of the world, how to build bunkers, and stock up on ammo.

That is why we created Primed Way.  We feel like it is reasonable and appropriate to plan for life’s challenges by storing food, medicine, and other supplies for your family. Our mission is to facilitate planning, acquisition, and management of food and supplies for the next major life event through education, tools, and community.

We aim to redefine what it means to prepare for whatever circumstances present themselves. It does not have to be just the next Pandemic. It could be personal adversity such as the loss of a job or a death in the family. So as not to be mistaken for others in this space we embrace the idea of being “Primers” participating in “Primed Way”.

Primed Way (prí-mëd + wā)

1) state of reasonable and appropriate preparedness.

2) preparing contingency plans for those closest to you while considering others’ needs.

Primer (prí-mër)

1) one who takes reasonable precautions to protect their family and community.

2) a person that acquires and stores certain goods in anticipation of future life events.

To reinforce our investment in the community, we have established forums to ask questions and share best practices with others. There is also a way to gauge how you compare to other Primers you are through taking our Primer Score quiz.

Primed Way is a resource but also a business that is supported through paid applications and affiliate fees on the supplies purchased through the links on our site. Reinforcing our investment in community, we have committed to donating 5% of all profits made by Primed Way to local food banks to help support those who do not have the resources to prime.

We hope you benefit from and stay engaged in Primed Way.

“Primed for Life, Ready for Anything”

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