While Most are Just Out of Stock, One Food Manufacturer is Finding Ways to get Product to their Customers

If you look online at many of the suppliers that produce freeze dried food products, most of their items are out of stock. This has been the case since the beginning of the COVID Pandemic. Not just food manufacturers, but those who sell first aid kits, water storage, and other supplies for the next life event are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

One manufacturer has come up with a way to get their products in the hands of their customer, despite the constraint on supply. Valley Food Storage (profile HERE) is shipping multi-meal kits right now. This type of kit is sold by many of the vendors as one or two weeks’ worth of foods in vacuum packed pouched, stored in one larger container.

The only stipulation Valley Foods has in getting these kits to you is what you actually receive within the kit. In the past you could pick of their very diverse menu. Now their priority is getting their customers what they want: food for their family. So, when you order their kits, you may not get the exact entrée or breakfast item you desired. But, you are still getting similar levels of the nutrition that your family would need in case of emergency or whatever 2020 throws us next!

Valley Foods Kit

Props to Valley Foods for pivoting during this critical time and making sure their customers are served in any way they can. They share with us that they will begin filling the kits to order once the demand slows down and/or the supply chain eases up. In the meantime, check them out HERE if you are wanting to just get something at home in case of the next event. That could be as soon as the election!

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