Will There Be Another Run on Food?

Even though we all went through it, we never thought it would happen so fast.  Who would’ve thought back in late February that we would be worried about toilet paper.  Like other incidents, we get used to things going back to normal.  However, will these shortages happen again sometime soon?

Right after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 there was another storm (I believe it was RITA)that came through the gulf and hit Louisiana and neighboring areas.  Even though a smaller storm, it knocked out a critical fuel pipeline that provided gasoline to much of the mid south area.  I remember driving with my kids in the car looking for an open gas station.

My tank was on “E” and not sure if I could even make it back home. I could tell my fear was rubbing off on these little souls. It was not until we spotted a gas truck pulling into a station that we finally were able to fill up and feel relief.

Another run on food

Many experts have said that if people would’ve stayed in their normal routine, filling up only when needed, gas stations would not have run out.  But, because of the scenes from Katrina, once the word got out there was a shortage.  Everyone “topped off” their tanks at any opportunity.

It is the same with food and other supplies.  If you recall, toilet paper went crazy out of stock right at the beginning of the recent Pandemic.  From research, it was never about real shortage but more about panic.  Once it got on social media that stores were running low, everyone had to “top-off”.  It was more of an obsession than reality (read more HERE).  But that does not mean it wasn’t real.

Another run on food

So, what will be the next supply item in shortage.  We all believe the supply chain for food and other essentials is robust.  But, one disruption and the right social media viralness and we are out of everything.  What would be the first thing you would store just in case?  HERE is an article that presents many ideas.   Check our our forum and leave your comments and suggestions.  As we say on our Blog: “Primed for Life…Ready for Anything”.